After the announcement made by Google at the beginning of the year on the disappearance of the Quality Score, it is now Facebook’s turn to remove the famous metric. Why remove this relevance index and what alternatives are available to advertisers ?

    A look back at the Facebook Relevance Index

      Based on 500 impressions of an ad, Facebook assigns it a relevance index ranging from 1 to 10 (1 being very low relevance and 10 being the highest). Like Google Ads, the higher the relevance index, the lower the CPC (Cost Per Click).

      This score, which allowed a rating of the level of relevance of Facebook ads to the targeted audiences, was therefore a valuable indicator for advertisers who could then know the level of performance of their ads. However, there was one drawback : no one was able to say what exactly this index was based on !

      With a view to offering advertisers more measurable and transparent indicators, the platform therefore implemented three new KPIs.

        The 3 new Facebook Ads indicators

          Since April 30th, the Facebook relevance index has been replaced by three indicators that allow us to determine more precisely whether ads are correctly adapted to the audiences they target.

          Quality Ranking : reflects the perceived quality of the ad, compared to competing ads running on the same target.
          Engagement Ranking : reflects the expected engagement rate of the ad, relative to competing ads in the same audience.
          Conversion Rate Ranking : compares the expected conversion rate of the ad relative to competing ads with similar target and audience. 

          These new indicators have the same objective as the relevance score : to help advertisers create qualitative ads and improve the performance of their campaigns. The appearance of these new metrics brings new life to the analysis of Facebook campaign performance, and it will be essential to track the evolution of these new metrics over the coming weeks and months.

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