Following the launch of its CSS program last summer, Google recently announced a new set of criteria that CSS Partner players will have to comply with quickly.

Indeed, these new measures, which are part of the improvement of the customer experience, will be implemented by the end of January 2019 !

The success-story of CSS

With the introduction of the incentive system, the CSSs are a real success and their adoption is growing steadily over the weeks. Today, according to a study conducted by SearchMetrics, nearly 32% of the Shopping Ads broadcast come from CSS actors other than Google.

This rapid evolution would be largely due to web marketing agencies, which have developed their own CSS in order to offer it to their clients. This service would represent no less than 23% of the total Shopping ad circulation.

Reinforced criteria for joining the

CSS Partner program

As of January 31, 2019, the prerequisites for participation in the CSS program will be tightened to ensure the best possible experience for Internet users when browsing CSS sites.

In particular, two new criteria will be added to the conditions already in force :

  • Offers will have to come from at least 100 separate merchant domains for each country in which Shopping Ads are targeted.
  • Options for sorting or filtering product search results by price will have to be available, as well as at least one other dimension relevant to the consumer (shipping time, brand, merchant…).

In order to continue to serve Shopping Ads, sites must meet these criteria before the deadline, otherwise they will no longer be eligible for Google’s program.

If you wish to work with a CSS partner, please be particularly careful when choosing one !