Google announces the official launch of Shoppable Ads on Google Images

    With the appearance of Shopping Ads on Google Images, Google had already enabled advertisers to reach shoppers looking for visual inspiration. Indeed, more and more Internet users tend to initiate a search on Google Images in order to make a purchase.

    Faced with the amplification of this phenomenon, Google is going even further by now integrating Shoppable Ads : these new ads make it possible to present several products in a single image in Google Images’ search results. These Shoppable Ads display as a sign of distinction the mention “sponsored” as well as a price tag. The descriptions of the different products are thus displayed as soon as the cursor points to the clickable elements of the advertising image.

      A format inspired by Pinterest and Instagram

        This new format, very similar to what already exists on Pinterest and Instagram, allows advertisers to showcase multiple products responding to generic requests such as “home office ideas”, “abstract art” or “shower tile styles”. When an Internet user performs a search, they can immediately access information such as the price and brand of the featured products as they hover over them with their cursor. By clicking on a product, they can then be redirected to a specific landing page in order to make a purchase.

        Google is still in the testing phase on these ads, only a few carefully selected advertisers have access to them, and on a limited share of traffic. However, the firm has announced that it is working to spread this new format to other advertisers and search categories in the coming months.

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