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Referencing Packs

Find new customers and grow your business while maximizing your return on investment !

Google Maps Pack

Reach Internet users located near your company  

for 29,99€ HT / month

Creating and managing your Google My Business

It’s your company’s web ID

Links to your website, phone, schedules, company information, posts and news

Your company appears when a nearby Internet user searches for your services

Display at the top of the page in Google results and on Google Maps

Highly effective and impacting for the Internet user

Google Ads Pack

The No. 1 solution for acquiring new customers on the Internet

from 499,99€ HT / month

Ads displayed when an Internet user searches for your products/services

Display at the very top -> maximal visibility

Display on specific terms (keywords are chosen) and on targeted areas

It’s not you who is looking for the customer, it’s the customer who is directly looking for you

You meet the needs of the Internet user when he is in the middle of the purchasing process

Ideal solution to sell your services and products on the Internet

Facebook Ads Pack

Harness the power of Facebook’s user base

from 399,99€ HT / month

Reaches more people than Google Ads for a given budget (lower bids)

Take advantage of Facebook’s huge user base by reaching people who match your target criteria

Display on Facebook and Instagram social networks

Ideal solution to develop your online notoriety

What is the interest of SEO packs ?

Would you like to acquire new customers and develop your turnover on the Internet ?

Whether it’s local referencing or advertising on Google and Facebook, our different packs bring together the most effective methods to date to develop your business quickly and get your sales off the ground !

Google Maps Pack at 29,99€ HT / month

An Internet user located near your company needs your services ? With this pack, your company appears in the search results of this Internet user !

Example : an individual types “plumber antibes” on Google -> your company appears in the search results, in the “Plumbers in Antibes” section generated by Google Maps.

In addition to the creation and management of your establishment file, you have the guarantee of an optimized card through our advanced referencing techniques. Your company thus appears in the best possible place (in the first results) in order to benefit from optimal visibility, leading to the acquisition of new customers.

Google Ads Pack from 499,99€ HT / month

Google Ads is today the most efficient solution to sell your products and services on the Internet.

Contrary to other traditional advertising channels, it is not you who go looking for customers, it is directly the customers who are looking for you ! This translates into the best customer acquisition percentages in the advertising world.

In addition to benefiting from the best possible display position in search results (the ads are at the very top of the page), the strength of Google Ads lies in its keyword purchasing system : you choose precisely which terms you want to appear on.

Many other parameters can also be defined (geographical areas, devices, broadcasting times, demographic criteria, etc…), making Google Ads a very powerful tool but complex to master in order to exploit its full potential.

With customer references among the biggest web players, our experts put their years of experience at your service to guarantee first-class performance and flawless monitoring of your campaigns.

Facebook Ads Pack from 399,99€ HT / month

With Facebook Ads, use the huge user database to distribute your ads to people who might be interested in your services and products !

Facebook’s algorithms allow you to create personalized audience targets that will meet an almost unlimited number of criteria such as gender, age, hobbies, interests, education, occupation, buying behavior, geographic locations, etc…

Because the average cost of bidding is lower than on Google Ads, you can reach more people on the same budget.

Therefore, this solution is ideal to develop your online notoriety and at the same time increase the community of your Facebook page !

Key Points


Dynamic and Reactive Team

Increase in Turnover

Development of Notoriety

Selling your Products & Services


Professionals Listening to You

Optimized Return on Investment

Local Visibility on Google

Growth of your Community