Announced by Google last December, new KPIs have recently appeared to allow advertisers to more accurately evaluate the position of their ads on the Search Network. Indeed, these new KPIs are in addition to the average position, which allows them to position themselves in relation to the competition.

There are 4 new KPIs :

  • % of impressions (top) : share of impressions broadcast anywhere above natural results.
  • % impressions (top) : Share of impressions that are placed as the very first ad above the natural search results.
  • Tx of top impressions on RR : number of top impressions divided by the estimated number of impressions you could have recorded at that location.
  • Tx of 1st pos. abs. on RR : Number of prints in the first absolute position divided by the estimated number of prints you could have saved in that location.

The first two indicators give specific information about the location of your ads on the page. An analysis of these KPIs would thus make it possible to determine whether your ads have the potential to be displayed in more visible locations. The next two indicators provide information on the rate of eligible top-of-page impressions and then allow you to evaluate your positioning in relation to your competitors.

In conclusion, Google now allows advertisers to analyze in depth the performance related to the position of their ads, in addition to the average position which was limited to placing the ads in relation to those of competitors.

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