After a first relfting carried out last year for mobile search results, it is now the turn of paid and natural search results on the desktop to be retouched by Google. A predictable update which, like the mobile rendering, concerns the layout of the information and the colour palette used, making paid ads less discernible from natural search results.

    Updating the appearance of SERPS on the Desktop

      To go into detail, Google has made major changes in the layout of search results, whether natural or paid, including the passage of Favicon and the site url above the results. The green color of the “ad” and the url now gives way to a much more sober black color, making it more difficult to distinguish between natural and paid results. According to Google, these changes would allow a more intuitive navigation between natural and paid results.

      What are the consequences for advertisers ?

        Nothing negative for advertisers, on the contrary ! The distinction between natural and paid ads is now even more difficult to make for Internet users, which should logically result in an increase in click rates (CTR). This is therefore a bonus for advertisers, and is obviously also Google’s business !

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