“Why spend money buying my own brand when I’m already at the top of the search results ?”

Here is a question we are regularly asked by advertisers, often reluctant to pay for a display that appears at first glance to be a duplicate of that offered by natural SEO. Indeed, as they themselves say: “Why pay for clicks coming from Internet users who are looking for my name and who are going to land on my site anyway by clicking on its link ? ». However, if a large number of web players have opted for a display on their own brand, there must be a reason. We’ll even give you several.

1. Improved campaign performance

Does the Google quality score mean anything to you ? You know, the famous ”Quality Score” or ”QS”, which is assigned to each keyword purchased on Google Ads. The latter is a score from 1 to 10 assigned by Google according to various criteria, such as the relevance of your ads, the rate of clicks on them, the user-friendliness of the landing page, etc… This score will have an impact on the Cost per Click (CPC) of your keywords: the higher your Quality Score will be and the less the associated keywords will cost you !

The implementation of a dedicated “Brand” campaign will therefore prove to be relevant, as it will benefit from an excellent Quality Score (the highest in the account) that will benefit the rest of your campaigns by improving the overall Quality Score of the account. The CPCs of all your keywords will then be reduced, which will lead to an improvement in performance with a lower Cost per Acquisition, a better ROI, etc…

Finally, it should be pointed out that placing on your own brand represents a relatively negligible cost compared to a classic campaign : since CPCs are extremely low, we will only spend a few euros per day on average.

2. A tailor-made message for a controlled image

Unlike SEO, SEA gives you total control over the message you deliver to your users. Indeed, you choose and create the content of your ads yourself, with the possibility of adapting the messages according to the occasion. For example, you can periodically highlight promotions, special offers, product news, etc. Ad extensions such as teasers, side links and site excerpts are also fully customizable, adding an extra level of control.

3. Improved presence in research results

Buying your brand gives you greater control over your presence in search results. By appearing at the very top of the page, the SEA top ads systematically appear above the organic links, thus ensuring optimal visibility.

You also occupy all or almost all of the waterline by benefiting from the double SEO-SEA display, which will give you even more credibility with the Internet users who are looking for you.

4. The assurance of being protected from competition

To date, there is no rule forbidding advertisers to display themselves on the competition : buying keywords of competitors’ brands is a common practice allowed by Google, and from which advertisers benefit (official rule) !

In order to avoid traffic leakage to the competition, buying your brand to protect you against these potential losses of turnover. You can also try to contact the competitor in question to dissuade them from continuing to display your name, but since they are within their rights, they will not be obliged to cooperate under any circumstances.


The arguments presented above are to be nuanced according to the profile of each advertiser : some will be more legitimate than others depending on the case. In any case, buying your brand has undeniable advantages such as improved Quality Score, increased profitability of your campaigns, protection against competition and control of your image. In order to measure all the effects, you will need to get started and test it yourself : you will then be able to conclude whether such a campaign is of real interest to you.

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